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Is Doggy Daycare a good fit for my dog?

For healthy, active, social dogs, daycare can be a great option. It offers supervised playtime, mental stimulation, exercise, socialization and companionship. If they spend time playing, exercising and interacting with other dogs, they tend to be happier and healthier. However, if a dog has problems with high anxiety or gets stressed around other dogs, it may not be the best choice.

How do I go About Picking the right Daycare?

Safety, Cleanliness and the quality of Staff are the first things to check for. The dogs should be divided into groups based on their play, behavior and safety. The staff should be trained to use positive reinforcement techniques with the dogs.

A tour would be the best place to start. Have a list of questions ready! Some suggested questions:

- How do you group the dogs?

- Are they ever left alone?

- How are altercations handled between pets?

- What safety measures do you have in place?

- What type of security measures do you have in place, especially when the dogs head outdoors?

- What do you do if a dog gets injured?

Before making any type of long term commitment, a trial/evaluation period should commence. This should be for both the dog and for the daycare itself. The daycare should be evaluating to see if the dog fits into the environment and if it presents any safety problems for the dog or other dogs participating. The dog owners should determine if the dog will enjoy and benefit from the exercise, stimulation and socialization.

Does the Facility have Boarding and why is this important?

If your dog feels comfortable and enjoys the staff, activities and socialization, you could be reassured the facility would be a great place to leave them for extended stay vs. having them go somewhere unfamiliar. So, if you are off taking vacations and feel content with the staff and confident the dog is safe and enjoying their time as well, it will lend itself to a better vacation experience for all.

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