Meet the Team



Amanda started her career in the dog world in 2003 as a Volunteer in an animal shelter, and knew almost immediately that her professional life would be spent working with, helping, and loving dogs. She earned her Certification in Veterinary Assisting in Washington State, where she assisted Vets in many different types of surgeries, including spay / neuter and periodontal procedures.

In 2004 she completed her breed-specific Dog Grooming studies, and over the past 14 years she has perfected and diversified her grooming skills to include Bichons, Poodles, Shih Tzus, Lhasas, and Goldens, as well as many types of mixed breeds. Amanda LOVES all large hairy dogs as well! She has an incredible gift for working with senior and special needs dogs, and she has an infinite amount of patience working with those dogs who do not particularly enjoy being bathed and groomed.

Amanda lives with 4 dogs of her own, including Gemma, a precocious Shih Tzu, who can be found lounging around All-Star Grooming, showing off her Mom’s talents for dyeing her hair various colors! Amanda may also be familiar to you because she Groomed with us "back in the day" at Desert Knight, and we are thrilled and fortunate to have her with us here at All-Star Grooming!

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Jenn Lippert is now our Boarding Supervisor


As our Boarding Supervisor, Jenn will meet each day with the Overnight Boarding Caregivers to review all activities from the previous night and identify any concerns/issues. She will then work with the 1st shift Daycare staff to take any necessary action. Jenn will handle all record keeping responsibilities and generate the Overnight Boarding Caregivers' Nightly Checklist, oversee all Boarding Arrivals and produce Go-Home Reporting.



 My name is Shay! I'm a professional Pet Stylist here at ASG. I grew up in Indio, CA and moved to Gilbert, AZ in 2009. I've had dogs my whole life! We had a mini Schnauzer and a Lab Mix who were my world. I knew I wanted to work with animals from a young age and loved watching anything about dogs. I started my adventure with dogs in 2011. First I was a bather for 3 years, then I trained in Grooming Even after all these years, I still love to further my education in the grooming field by learning new techniques! I enjoy grooming all breeds and can’t wait to meet your fur babies!!



Aurelia began her grooming career in 2019. Since then, she has improved her skills and continues to grow as a groomer at All-Star Grooming. Aurelia grew up on a hobby farm in Montana and has always had a love for animals, especially dogs. Her family has four dogs, including her little Shih Tzu mix, Sunny.

Aurelia loves working with all breeds of dogs and making them beautiful for their parents! She has a passion for her work and enjoys learning new things every day.