Meet the Team



Erica began her Grooming Career in Connecticut more than 15 years ago. She steadily worked her way up to become Grooming Manager at a large pet store before she and her husband, along with their 3 dogs at the time, moved to Arizona in 2010. In early 2014, Erica rejoined Linda and the All-Star Grooming Team after having previously groomed together at Desert Knight.

In 2015 Erica was deservedly promoted to All-Star Grooming's Salon Manager, where she now mentors others and shares her incredible knowledge and experience. Her keen understanding of dog behavior is an invaluable supplement to her outstanding Grooming skills. Erica's innate ability to design and style a beautiful haircut that suits each dog's personality and body is amazing! These days, her 2 rescue dogs Mia and Leo can be found happily greeting doggie playmates at All-Star Grooming!



Amanda started her career in the dog world in 2003 as a Volunteer in an animal shelter, and knew almost immediately that her professional life would be spent working with, helping, and loving dogs. She earned her Certification in Veterinary Assisting in Washington State, where she assisted Vets in many different types of surgeries, including spay / neuter and periodontal procedures.

In 2004 she completed her breed-specific Dog Grooming studies, and over the past 14 years she has perfected and diversified her grooming skills to include Bichons, Poodles, Shih Tzus, Lhasas, and Goldens, as well as many types of mixed breeds. Amanda LOVES all large hairy dogs as well! She has an incredible gift for working with senior and special needs dogs, and she has an infinite amount of patience working with those dogs who do not particularly enjoy being bathed and groomed.

Amanda lives with 4 dogs of her own, including Gemma, a precocious Shih Tzu, who can be found lounging around All-Star Grooming, showing off her Mom’s talents for dyeing her hair various colors! Amanda may also be familiar to you because she Groomed with us "back in the day" at Desert Knight, and we are thrilled and fortunate to have her with us here at All-Star Grooming!



Kelli is that rarest of breeds among us all here in the Valley – a lifelong / native Phoenician. From a very early age, Kelli could feel that Grooming was (and is to this day!) her passion and calling. She trained and trained towards her goal and her dream, and through hard work and dedication became the  phenomenal Professional Pet Stylist we know today. All-Star Grooming is so fortunate to have Kelli working with us!


Kelli now boasts over 30 years of experience and expertise in Grooming both Dogs and Cats. She is wonderfully gentle and compassionate to all breeds, and is especially outstanding working with larger dogs, ie: Standard Poodles, Old English Sheepdogs, Doodles, etc.


Kelli and her husband and son are owned by 5 Rescue Dogs – 3 Chihuahua mixes Snickers, Bo, and Luke, a Pit named Kooter, a Papillon called Molly, and a 72 YEAR OLD Red Mexican Redhead Parrot named Paulie – truly a family of Pet Lovers and Owners after our own heart!

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Paige was born and raised in Kansas. She went to college for business admin with a minor in non-profit, and she was a two-time All-American swimmer. She moved to Arizona in 2018. She loves the outdoors and goes camping, boating and hiking all throughout the state. Her favorite place to hike is in the Superstition Mountains. 


Paige grew up around animals her whole life and currently has two cats and a 95 pound dog at home. She has grown with All-Star Grooming by starting as a bather and working her way up to becoming a full time Groomer. With the help of her coworkers and salon manager, she has learned the craft of becoming a successful Groomer and can’t wait to keep learning and growing with All-Star Grooming.



Chelsea  has been working with animals since high school. She started off working at an animal hospital as a kennel attendant, and then decided to pursue her animal career in a more creative and artistic way. Chelsea graduated from Grooming School 9 years ago and has been grooming ever since. She enjoys grooming all breeds, but her favorite is Australian Shepherds. Chelsea has six fur babies of her own, 2 dogs and 4 cats, that she absolutely adores. Her passion for grooming only gets stronger with time, and she plans to remain in her chosen profession for the rest of her entire career. 

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Sonia has been a Professional Pet Stylist for more than 44 years. She is a Certified Master Groomer, and her specialty is in exquisite and expert scissoring for all AKC breeds of dogs. Sonia is a member of the International Professional Groomer Association, and is also a past winner of Best All-Around Groomer and Best Groomed Dog of Show at numerous competitions all across the country. We feel so fortunate to have her with us here at All-Star Grooming!



Megan is a native Arizonan who’s had a passion for animals all her life. She started working in a retail pet store taking care of all different types of critters. From guinea pigs to fish she loves caring for them all! Megan’s sister was a groomer for over 10 years and that’s what gave her the inspiration to pursue the same profession. Megan’s been grooming for over four years now and it is absolutely her passion, which really comes through in her attention to detail in all aspects of her grooms. This is the career of her dreams, and she loves all breeds, especially her favorite, which is a Schnauzer. Megan grew up with two Schnauzers as a little girl, and they have a very special place in her heart. She has two dogs of her own – Duke, and a brand new addition to the family, Lucky! She also has an orchid betta fish named Kevin and a snail friend named Bubba!

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Bree is a Milwaukee native. She came to the Valley with her family many years ago. Bree grew up with a large and varied menagerie of pets – dogs, cats, chickens, horses, and lots of birds. She even worked in a bird store as a teenager.


Bree came to us with over 2 years of experience in pet care (daycare and bathing). She has always had a keen interest in becoming a Groomer, and she is fulfilling her dream here at All-Star!


Bree has an awesome little 5 year old man at home named Colton, and he supervises their 5 dogs Lilac, Biscuit, Charlie, Shadow, and Gunner, and 3 cats Midnight, Binx, and Stripes.

Bree’s favorite breed is a German Shepherd.