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Brown Dogs

All-Star Boarding Services

All-Star Grooming is VERY proud and SUPER excited to welcome you to our NEWLY-EXPANDED

Pet Boarding Facility!

We offer our Boarding Pets (Dogs and Cats) and their Moms and Dads many amenities and services that “the other guys” either don’t provide at all, or they “upsell” you things that you should already receive when you board your pet.

Pet Boarding Includes:

The Best for Your Pet

  • Flat-Rate Pricing – no “add-ons” for general care services

  • Staff on-site 24 HOURS A DAY, 365 DAYS A YEAR

  • All-Day Daycare INCLUDED in our Brand-New Expanded Daycare Facility

  • Cat Kennels for your Kitties

  • Spacious 5’ x 8’ Suites – only $70 per night, with discounts for multiple dogs

  • Extra-Large Suites – only $90 per night

  • Jumbo Suite – only $110 per night

  • Potty Runs – every 2 hrs. minimum (more if needed) in our Outdoor Gravel Potty Area

  • Chilled Bottled Water served around the clock

  • Flexible Feeding Schedules – once, twice, or 3 times a day – frequency and time(s) that YOU choose, whatever your Pet is accustomed too

  • Medications administered by our experienced Professional Caregivers

  • Soft, soothing nature sounds music and videos played – helps your Pet relax

  • Refrigerated Storage for your Pet’s Food. Meals always served as YOU instruct  – chilled, room temp., or heated

  • Pick-Up and Delivery for your Pet available – FREE for the 1st half mile

  • Healthy Treats served multiple times each day (if Mom and Dad say it’s OK)

  • Premium Dog Ice Cream Treats available

You can e-mail the completed form to: OR you can drop off the hard copy at our Salon!



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