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Frequently Asked Questions

How is All-Star Dog Daycare & Training different than the daycare service I currently use?

 All-Star Dog Daycare offers a “Living Room” environment for you and your dog, as opposed to a “Warehouse” environment that the big daycare factories have. For example, we do not have a “pee & poop in-place” policy, like the big industrial, hose-the-floors-down places. Instead, every dog is given individual, personalized care – outdoor potty breaks, chilled filtered water, play with caregivers, etc.

Who will be taking care of my dog?

All-Star Dog Daycare has only Professional Dog Caregivers on its Daycare Staff, unlike the high-school kids the big factories use. Our Caregivers are experienced experts who know how to interact with and protect your precious pet.

Do I need to make a reservation?

Not at all – just come on in whenever it’s convenient. There’s some initial paperwork, but that only takes a few minutes, and you can have your Vet e-mail us your Pet’s vaccination records

Is my dog required to have its shots to attend Daycare?

Yes – this information must be recorded on our Application Form. Certain exceptions may be made if your Vet verifies your pet is allergic to required shots / vaccinations.

Can my dog eat a meal at Daycare?

Sure! We will be happy to privately feed you pet – just drop off a container of food with your pet’s name on it and your clear instructions for feeding him/her labeled on it.

Do you provide toys?

Boy, do we ever! Your pet will have a large variety of both toys and playground equipment to play with and on. We ask that toys not be brought from home, as it may become the “favorite” of another pet at Daycare.

Even though my dog is small, he/she likes to play with bigger dogs. Is that allowed?

Yes it is! We support all the choices that pets in our Daycare make with respect to playmates, so long as both pets enjoy the interaction. Helpful and insightful information like this is a good example of why we ask so many “personality questions” on our Application Form.

My dog doesn’t like other dogs and just needs a safe, quiet place to go while I run my errands. What do you offer for older or non-playful dogs?

We have a special Quiet Area with both individual and small-group (2-3 dogs) pens with comfy beds for our geriatric and/or passive, nap-loving pets.

Does my dog have to be sprayed / neutered to come to Daycare?

No – we evaluate each dog based on his / her behavior. We have numerous non-fixed dogs that play and socialize beautifully within both large and small groups.

Do you offer any discounts?

We have several pricing options, for different Daycare requirements, situations, and budgets. Talk to Jenn to find the best plan for you and your pet.

We do – speak with Jenn about our most cost-effective Weekly or Monthly plans.

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