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Grooming FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

All-Star Grooming does not have a set price list, due to the many variables in your pet’s bathing and grooming requirements, and also the personalized time and attention each individual pet needs . We charge based on coat, condition, and elapsed time between regular grooms. Please call for a quote on your individual pet.

Do you do cats?

Yes, we do groom cats. All-Star Grooming has 3 Professional Pet Stylists who specialize in kitties!

Do you do pluck ear hair and express anal glands?

 We normally do gently pluck ear hair, as Veterinarians recommend. We also clean them so the ear canal can breathe. The anal glands are carefully expressed externally. Both of these are included in every bath & brush and/or haircut that we offer. Also included are a sanitary trim and toe nail trim

Do I need an appointment for grooming?

Yes, an appointment is necessary. During the Fall, Winter and Spring months we are especially busy, and may book out a day or so (instead of same-day, which we can frequently offer), especially around the Holidays.

 Can I get my pet Bathed and Groomed on a regular schedule?

Yes, many of our clients are on a regular schedule and book months in advance. This eliminates trying to get an appointment last minute.

How long does it take to get my dog groomed?

Each pet requires a different amount of time based upon many factors such as coat condition, length of coat, degree of matting, frequency of grooms, etc . . . We strive to get your pet through the grooming process in the least amount of time. For most breeds, this is approximately a 3-4 hour process. Some dogs are perfectly content being pampered and like to stay all day! For those that do not, we offer an express service (at an additional charge). To ensure that we may prepare properly for your requested express service, please be sure to let us know at the time you book your appointment, so that we may plan accordingly. We are happy to commit to a specific pick up time to meet your needs.

 Do you do big dogs?

Yes, we do all sizes and all breeds of dogs.

What products do you use?

We use premium branded natural, gentle products to care for your pets.

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