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Grooming Services
Lineup & Prices

All services include a one-on-one consultation with one of our Groomers.


We offer a wide range of grooming services, from a basic freshening to a full haircut and style. All services include nail trimming and filing, ear cleaning and hair removal, sanitary area cleaning, gentle expression of anal glands (externally), and shaving of the foot pads. We also bring ALL of our shampoos and conditioners to a warm, luxurious, constant, comfortable temperature of 93 degrees for all of our bathing pets.  Nothing but the best for your pet!


It is difficult to set exact pricing for an individual pet, even by breed. So many factors determine the cost, such as size and temperament of pet, length and condition of your pet's coat, type of cut desired (amount of scissoring required), and the length of time needed for bathing and drying.

Please feel free to call us with an accurate description of your pet and we will give you a price range. You will find that our prices are very competitive, and the quality of our Professional cut and care is the best ANYWHERE.

The Single

A Stress-Free Experience

The "SINGLE" service includes a nail trim and filing.

The Double

Plenty of Love and Attention

The "DOUBLE" option includes a massaging bath and complete brush out, as well as a nail trim and filing, gentle sanitary trim, foot pad trim, and gentle ear cleaning. We also carefully express anal glands externally. We refer to these as Maintenance Services. Prices vary depending upon breed, length and condition of coat, and amount of matting. An average bath & brush for a small breed (Shih-tzu) dog is approximately $45.00. Additional charges may apply for de-matting.

The Triple

The Best for Your Pet

The "TRIPLE" service includes a massaging bath and complete brush out, trimming of the face (so you can better see their sweet expressions) and head, and rounding of the feet in addition to the Maintenance Services listed above. An average price for a small breed dog is approximately $55.00. Additional charges may apply for de-matting. Larger breeds, such as a Golden Retriever, start at $66.00, and also include scissoring to neaten up the appearance of the feathering and "toe hair".

The "Home Run"

Complete Pet Pampering

The "HOME RUN" service includes all of the above plus a full-body trim and styling of your choice. An average full groom price for a small breed dog starts at $68.00. Pricing is also based upon condition of coat and amount of matting, and sometimes degree of difficulty due to pet personality. Larger breeds start at $80.00.

The "DOUBLE HEADER" includes any of the above services plus a day of play in our adjacent Daycare facility. Being pampered in Bathing & Grooming, and then having a fun-filled day of interaction and socialization with similar-size-dogs, are sure to leave your furry baby as happy as can be! We have hourly, part-day, half-day, and full-day rates from which to choose, depending on your day’s schedule.  

GOT HAIR? We offer de-shedding services to help get rid of that unwanted pet hair.  While shedding is natural and cannot be completely eliminated, we can reduce by a high percentage the amount of loose hair in your home.  We use Furminator® treatment and de-shedding tools to enhance the effectiveness of our "human elbow grease" in removing unwanted hair. Our starting price for this treatment is $10.00, and depends on the amount of time spent with your pet and the amount of undercoat removed. You'll love the results!

TEETH BRUSHING is another service we provide. It will help remove some of the bacteria in your dog's mouth and reduce bad breath. This $10.00 treatment includes a personal toothbrush and premium Virbac® vanilla mint enzymatic toothpaste. NOTE: Routine dental care should be a part of every pet’s health care program. This service is not intended to replace regular dental cleaning.

All-Star Grooming also grooms CATS! Please call for pricing.

We also have discounted charges for pets on a regular weekly or biweekly schedule. Please call for those discounts.

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