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Training Services

All-Star Dog Training is pleased to announce that Lisa Maldonado, Certified Master Dog Trainer, will be teaching all our Dog Training Classes. Lisa brings more than 20 years of expertise in training all breeds of dogs. Lisa graduated from Animal Behavior College (where she now mentors as well). She is also Certified in training Shelter Dogs, and she is Canine CPR and First Aid Certified. Lisa is also a Certified Animal and Pet Reiki Master.


All-Star Training offers Puppy Classes, Basic Classes, Potty Training, Refresher Classes, Therapy Dog Training, and Tricks Training. We offer Group Classes Series (6-Session Classes, maximum 6 dogs per Class), as well as Private (Individual) and Semi-Private (2 Clients) Sessions. We also offer Private In-Home Training. All-Star Training also holds a Behavioral Seminar monthly (owners only, no pets allowed). These one-hour sessions cover such topics as Barking, Jumping, Biting, Digging, Chewing, and Loose Leash Walking. And - all Participants are awarded a Certificate of Completion for every Seminar attended!


We offer both weekday and weekend Classes and Seminars to fit your schedule.

Personalized, Loving Supervision and Professional Care that you won't find at Scottsdale's huge daycare factories!
Certified Master Dog Trainer:




Group (6-Class Series): $159

Private (Individual Class): $95

Semi-Private (2 Clients): $73 (ea.)

Private In-House: $125

Educational Seminars: $25 per person


Group, Private, or Semi-Private

Basic & Refresher Training

Puppy Training, Potty Training

Therapy Dog Training

Obedience/Behavior Training

Tricks Training

Dog Owner Educational Seminars (Barking, Leash Walking, Potty)

Interested in learning more about our services? Get in touch today!

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