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Over 100 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Scottsdale! How to Prepare, Choose and Enjoy.

Photo by Niki Sanders - Unsplash

Here in Scottsdale, AZ, we are blessed with beautiful weather most of the year where dining outside is a delightful experience. An added BONUS is that we get to take along our "furry best friends"!

Here are a few things to keep in mind. Dogs must be kept on leash and in control of by the patron. They are not allowed on any seat, customer's lap, table, countertop, etc. Dogs are also not allowed to have any contact with reusable food service dishes or utensils.

Be sure your dog is ready to take this step and will behave. You may have to do some at home training before taking the leap. Once you are ready to venture out with your pup, here are some tips so that you have a successful outing with your dog (s):

  1. Do a little restaurant research.

  2. Feed your dog before you feed yourself.

  3. Bring your own bowls.

  4. Don't let your dog eat off your plate.

  5. Have your dog sit beneath your table.

  6. Leash your dog at all times.

  7. Stay Alert

  8. Dine off-hours, especially when your dog isn't a pro yet.

  9. Be prepared to leave.

This detailed Scottsdale list of over 100 choices has the names, locations, pictures and even reviews of each pet friendly restaurant.

And, here is Yelp's Top 10 Dog Friendly restaurants in Scottsdale.

Gabriella's is at the top of the list and is only about 4 minutes (2.2 miles) from All-Star Grooming, Boarding and Daycare! We give it a big thumb's up!

Here are a few others that are close to our facility and highly rated by our neighbors on Next door:

  • Phoenix Beer Company

  • K'ODonnell's

  • AJ's (Frank Lloyd Wright)

  • Snooze

  • OHSO

  • Over Easy (Frank Lloyd Wright)

  • Manuals (Mountain View)

  • Wildflower Cafe

  • Zin Burger


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