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The Benefits of Living with Pets

There are advantages for having dogs and/or cats as a part of your family whether you are young, old, disabled, have kids, lonely, mentally challenged or want a great partner around!

The benefits list could be endless and filled with examples and stories. We invite you to reply or send us YOUR story on how your pet(s) benefit you and your family. Send them in or reply and perhaps YOUR PETS will be chosen for "All-Star Pet of the Month" and featured in our social media and newsletter! Pictures/videos....all welcome!

Here are our top 7 reasons to add a furry pal to your family:

  1. Great company - Great to hug, play, love, chat with (wonderful how they listen intently without any interruptions, anger, or backtalk). Pets can simply bring comfort and joy.

  2. Physical Activity - Looking for extra steps? Hiking, walking and playing with your pets will help! For those that are interested in losing weight, walking a dog can help reduce weight and increase physical fitness.

  3. Provides Routine and Structure - Your pets needs can provide discipline for structure in your days. Routine for feeding times, brushing, walking can add a sense of stability, timing and purpose to your day.

  4. Unconditional love (by far my favorite) - Who doesn't love getting a sweet, happy greeting when you walk in the door? And with no strings attached! Your company is a pet's extreme joy as is their time with you! They simply enjoy a hug, a rub behind the ears and of course time together and treats bring this to a whole new level. How many times a day does your pet make you just stop and smile? Cuteness is a definite factor here.

  5. Safety - Dogs are loyal and many have an instinctual sense to protect. They can be quick to alert us to dangers by barking or demonstrating erratic behavior. Their bark may be worse than their but but can be a strong deterrent. Some animals can detect specific illness or medical episodes as well as fire and gas leaks.

  6. Pets are great for Children - Pets teach our children responsibility and loyalty. They help reduce boredom and provide fun activities, friendship and unconditional love.

If this article has resonated with you, the choice of adding a furry pal to your mix will be influenced by your personal living situation and/or limitations. You will also want to consider temperament and the amount of time or activity your pet(s) will need. A rescue organization can match your requirements and preferences to meet your needs. Reach out to your local rescues for information on matching.

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