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Pet Food: Why you might consider DIY. Suggested Recipes!

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Here at All-Star, we accommodate our furry friends by letting them bring their own favorite food and we will even heat it up if that is what they prefer! We know the pet owners count on us to keep things as normal as possible during their time with us. We have many Clients who bring in non-branded and miscellaneous food items in generic packaging. As it turns out, many actually send in their "homemade recipes".

There are a multitude of reasons for DIY pet meals.

  1. Your pet suffers from an upset stomach so a bland diet is suggested by the vet

  2. Your pet is undergoing medical treatments that require a special diet

  3. Diet management

  4. Picky eaters

  5. Worries over the quality of store bought food

  6. You prefer to offer more whole foods

  7. Worries about highly processed food, recalls or food boredom

  8. Sometimes less expensive

  9. It's a bonding experience - cooking for both!

A few words of caution here: You want to be sure that your pet is getting a balanced, nutritious diet. It would be wise to check with your veterinarian.

PLEASE....Be sure you are aware of the list of foods that are poisonous to our pets.

Click here for a list and more information.

One of our clients Angie, shares her story and recipe! She also gave tips on how to mix it up and create variety.

Angie began to cook for her dog Boo after he was diagnosed with cancer. Boo started a Keto Dog Food diet. He was medically treated for the cancer and lived for years after the diagnosis on this diet! Angie's suggestion is to cook it with love and freeze it into portions.


3 lbs of protein: Choice of Beef, Chicken, Turkey or Fish (no bones, chopped or grounded).

1 TBSP coconut oil or butter

Vegetables: Broccoli, green beans and/or spinach

A few eggs can be added as well!

Cook in a large pot or sauce pan until meat is cooked through. Refrigerate and serve in 2 - 3 days. Freeze the balance in individual services and defrost in the refrigerator overnight or nuke as needed. This is a great recipe for dogs that are not on a keto diet too. Simply add rice and carrots!

For a superb list of 20 nutritious, wholesome and delicious recipes for dogs - Click Here.

For 10 Nutritious Recipes your Cat will love - Click Here. These 10 recipes were reviewed, approved, cooked and tested by a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Pinterest is another source of creative and nutritious recipes.

Feel free to share your recipes as well! We would love to feature them on our blog and social media.

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