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Taking your Arizona Dog on your Beach Vacation: CA, Rocky Point, Activities and Rules

Most dogs LOVE the beach and it is a terrific time for bonding, play and exercise. However, beach outings are not for all dogs. The exceptions would be those dogs that are elderly or very anxious when taken out of their usual environment. Safety would be another factor to consider if you should leave your dog behind. For example, Basset Hounds do not usually swim and a dog that isn't "recall trained" to Come, Leave- it, or Stop immediately could create problematic situations and be quite dangerous.

Great Beach Activities

- Bring toys and games they enjoy at home! Fetch, tug of war and other games can be like a new experience at the beach. Frisbees are always fun!

- Swimming of course! But, please use the same cautions for your pup as you do for yourself. If the surf is too rough for you or has too many jellyfish, keep them out too.

- Play in the Sand. Dogs LOVE to dig!

- Give a Boogie Board a try, or even a surfboard.

- If you enjoy boating, bring your dog! Be sure to have a life vest for your pup.

- Great Walks on the beach, by the beach and through the town will be enjoyable for all. New scents, places and experiences are always fun. Be sure to keep an eye on their energy, hydration and comfort.

Beach Rules and Dangers for Pets

1. First and foremost, explore and understand all the dog rules for the location you are heading to. Examples include: which beaches in the area allow dogs and are there time constraints; if "off leash" is legal; and what the city rulings are overall for dogs. Please see information and links below for specifics on both California Beaches and Rocky Point beaches.

2. Heatstroke! This can be deadly to our dogs. We have covered the warning signs in our Blog on Hiking.

3. Drinking salt water is extremely dangerous for our pets! Drinking too much salt water can cause salt water poisoning. Symptoms can include diarrhea, dehydration, vomiting, lack of coordination and even seizures. Be sure to limit their intake by taking beach breaks in the shade and keeping them hydrated by providing them lots of fresh water.

4. Use Sunscreen! Keep them covered.

5. HOT Sand. That hot sand can burn the paw pads. If it hurts your feet, it will burn theirs! Keep them in the shade, be mindful of the time of the day and walk them down by the water. You can also purchase pet booties for their Paw Protection.

6. Eating Sand. Sand is heavy and can compact in the intestines. In worst case scenarios, it can cause the intestinal tract to shut down. If your dog is eating sand, command "leave it". Find toys, such as frisbees, that don't cause a lot of sand to stick to them. And, once again....provide lots of fresh water.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

California Beaches

There are great Dog-Friendly Beaches up and down the California coast. Each beach may have different rules. In fact, many of the southern beaches have different rules for different times of the day! Dog friendly beaches in California do not necessarily mean it is an "Off-Leash" Beach. So, be sure to check for exact do's and don'ts on the various beaches for the city you are heading to. Also, be sure that your accommodations accept dogs as well.

CLICK HERE for more information and a Top Rated list of always off-leash beaches in California.

Rocky Point, Mexico Beaches (Puerto Penasco)

In contrast to California Beaches, there are NO rules and restrictions on the Rocky Point beaches. There is also no longer a requirement for a Mexican Approved Health Certificate. However, since you will be entering another country, there are some logistical requirements and regulations to be aware of. Be sure your furry friend has their vaccinations up to date and bring your proof of vaccinations. This could be important getting into Mexico but more importantly, it may be needed to get back into the U.S. Be sure your pet looks "healthy" to avoid problems and most important, be sure your dog has an ID tag and is "recall trained" as discussed above. Also, while visiting MX, be sure your rental unit allows dogs.

CLICK HERE for further details and information. You will also find official Government links to rules as well as suggested dog-friendly accommodations.

Your Doggie Beach Bag:

  1. Water

  2. Water Bowl

  3. Sunscreen

  4. Toys!

  5. Doggie Towel

  6. Dog Booties

  7. Life Jacket for water sports

  8. Pet First Aid Kit

  9. Poop Bags

Most importantly, please use the same "neighborly" common sense with your dog to keep peace with the other dogs as well as the people around you. Dog behavior is important for everyone on the beach to enjoy themselves. Pick up after your furry friend and if he/she gets tired or irritable, keep them on a leash or take them inside. And, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


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